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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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A Case for Ethics

"Today’s individual frustration in a seemingly moral, but uncaring society to a great extent may be the cause for man having a problem with the true meanings of morals and ethics. The implication of the not knowing or the not-acknowledging of man’s true inner feelings threatens man’s mental health and impairs loving oneself."


Bush's Option to Escalate the War in Iraq

"Criticism of the war because it isn’t being won leaves the door open for the Bush administration to sell the claim that -- with enough resolve and better military tactics -- the war can be vindicated. It’s time to close that door."


Will Iraq's Constitution Be Irrelevant?

"Whether Iraq gets a freshly minted constitution or not, however, it is regrettably most likely on a trajectory toward all-out civil war."


Deporting Blair

"...deport the Muslims from UK, and in return Christian Anglo-Saxons should be expelled from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, America, Caribbean, South Africa, Zimbabwe .etc where they have not integrated, they have refused to learn the language despite living there for years, refused to accept the desirability of the indigenous peoples culture and practises, and have instead used violence and extremism, preached hate for their neighbour, totally destroyed “their way of life,” and abused their hosts' hospitality."


Emergence of New Potential Geo-political and Geo-strategic Triangular

"They fear the United States. They need each other. They are allying geo-strategically and geo-politically to dominant the whole Asia and imperil America. They are China, Iran and Russia. It seems that power game has been started."


Needed: Arab Leadership and Vision

"Iraq requires Arab attention and action as well. The US, it is clear, has made a mess of the situation and still has no plan to move the country forward. But, especially in light of the problems being dealt with in Iraq’s debate over a new Constitution, realities must be faced."


The New Hamas: Between Resistance and Participation

"...what does Hamas want from the electoral process? It does not seek leadership, at least not yet. It seeks hegemony. Hamas quietly accepts that the current balance of power in Palestinian society is accurately reflected in polls showing Fatah with around 40 percent of all parliamentary seats and Hamas with around 30 percent, with the balance being held by independents and other factions. Translated into the outcome of elections, these numbers would not make Hamas the dominant force in Palestinian politics. They could, however, make it the hegemonic force in a majority bloc or a "blocking majority" against Fatah."


Destruction of historic Mecca under Saudi Trusteeship

"Destruction of the most precious sites in Islam for fear of idolatry by some, is akin to killing a child for fear that he may grow up to be less than pious. Instead of fearing, the idolatry of the historic structures, they could be used as instructional tools for the upcoming generations."


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